Indulge in one of our incredible healing and rejuvenating Body Rituals.

These customized treatments are designed to detoxify and nourish your skin while melting away stress. Our beautiful Body Rituals will transport you through age-old healing rituals and complete your journey to well-being.

Detox & Sculpting Treatment

60 minutes | $129

Sculpting and remineralizing treatment that releases toxins improves muscle tone and restores essential vitamins and minerals.

Deep Renewal Treatment

30 minutes | $99
60 minutes | $149

A soothing and regenerating treatment that restores tone elasticity, and hydration to your skin. This treatment is ideal for moisture restoration, and revitalizing stretchmarks, leaving your skin feeling soft, silky, and toned.

Tranquility Ritual

60 minutes | $169

Inspired by the Indonesian Sea Malay Massage, this exceptional ritual acts in synergy with our Tranquility Essential Oil Blend to induce a state of deep rest, and relaxation. Perfect for weary travelers or restless sleepers!

Kilaga Springs Specialty Treatment

60 minutes | $169

A full-body exfoliation with a magnesium-rich cream scrub followed by a massage using rich Shea butter blended with our essential oil blend to invigorate the mind, body, and soul. Citrus boasts anti-aging and skin-saving benefits, such as brightening the skin and increasing radiance.