Exciting Changes in the Spa at Kilaga Springs

Exciting Changes in the Spa at Kilaga Springs

In the six weeks since I assumed the role of Manager for the Spa at Kilaga Springs, I am pleased to report that the Spa has made excellent progress. Thanks to the entire Association working together, we are in a position to make up lost revenue, bring in new customers, and continue to provide exceptional services. We have cleaned up our inventory, standardized and educated staff on procedures and worked with staff to create a supportive work environment resulting in a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Special thanks to WellFit Supervisors Jonathan Leung, Jeannette Mortensen and Carol Zortman; HR Manager Nancy Gabriele; and our Accounting team for their expertise in making constructive changes in the management, staffing, and finances of the Spa, including an improvement in our product inventory.

Being part of the Lifestyle umbrella gives our estheticians, nail technicians and massage therapists’ new opportunities to get to know residents by participating in many of our Lifestyle events. You will see the Spa staff providing free chair massages, giving demonstrations and educating you with product samples throughout the OC and KS Lodges. Be sure to stop to visit and try out our services. We have two new massage therapists, Pamela Kyner and Jeannie Madden. Jeannie worked in the Spa in 2014 and we are happy to have her back!

We are in the process of simplifying our Spa menu of services. After consulting with your technician, you can choose other options to add on that may suit your needs. We are now selling the Association Gift Card in place of the Spa Gift Card. This also offers you more flexibility. Of course, if you currently have a Spa Gift Card, we will accept it.

This month we are rolling out our new Spa Membership program. We have adapted the procedures from the successful WellFit Pilates Reformer membership program to make a Spa Membership an alluring option to consider. Come in and talk with our knowledgeable staff about the benefits of membership and read eNews and posters throughout the Lodge for more information.

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